Create and edit dashboards

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This article and video, we will go through how you can create your customised dashboard, displaying all of the critical business information you want to visualise regularly.

Example of a custom dashboard

Creating and editing a dashboard

Creating a dashboard is easy. Each user (with the user permissions to create dashboards) can have up to 5 unique dashboards. To create a new dashboard, click Add Dashboard in the top right.

At any point, you can edit a dashboard by selecting the dashboard you wish to edit and clicking Edit Dashboard in the top right. You can also delete a dashboard here by clicking the trash icon.

Adding a widget to your dashboard

Once you’ve created a dashboard, you can start to build up different widgets to visualise different areas of your business.

To get started, select the dashboard you wish to add a widget to and click Add Widget.

Clicking this will bring up a new window to add a new widget. There are three steps.

Step 1. First, select your widget type. This is the broad category of the type of data visualised. You’ll then be able to select a widget view, a selection of graphs and charts relating to the widget type.

Step 1 – Select your widget

Step 2. Depending on which widget view was selected, you’ll get additional options here. For example, if you selected the Slot Types widget type, you can select which slot types you want to appear on the graph during this step. 

For some widgets, you’ll also be able to select a period (over what period you want the data from). You can also select the data view (whether you’re showing the overall value during that period or the count).

Step 2 – Widget settings

Step 3. At the final step, you’ll be able to customise the widget. A title and subtitle will be generated, but you may want to change this. You can select a colour scheme (or create your own by clicking use custom colour scheme) and select whether or not the widget appears in light or dark mode.


Step 3 – Customise widget

Click save to add the widget to the bottom of your dashboard.

Editing and removing widgets

To edit a widget, click the pencil icon next to the title. You can’t edit the widget type or widget view once it’s been inserted into a dashboard, but you can edit the settings and customise the widget further.

If you need to delete a widget, click the trash can in the top left of the window.

Changing the layout of your dashboard

You can re-arrange and resize the dashboard. To drag and drop, click and hold the title within the widget, and the grid will appear. To resize, hover your mouse over the edge that you wish to resize, and you’ll be able to click and drag to make widgets bigger and smaller.

Note: Some widgets have a maximum and minimum size.