Searching for tyres in your local stock & browsing available tyres from GroupTyre

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You can search through both your local tyre stock & GroupTyre stock with ease.

To search for tyres (both your local stock and from GroupTyre), you simply have to navigate to ‘Parts / Tyres > Tyres’ in the main navigation bar. This will open the Tyres tab where you’ll be able to see your local stock at the top half of the screen and available tyres from your GroupTyre wholesaler in the bottom half of the screen.

There are 2 ways that you can search through your tyres, either manually or by VRM lookup. They are both located at the top of the tab. Select which one you would like to use before entering in your search criteria.


With manual search selected, you start entering in the stock code that you wish to find. All tyre stock codes are prepended with the Tyres size, so if you are looking for a 205/55/15 tyre, just start typing that in without the slashes. This will update in real time to reveal both your local stock available, and stock available to order from GroupTyre.


VRM lookup

If you select VRM from the dropdown, the interface will change to allow you to enter in a VRM lookup.


From here, you can type in a vehicle registration. As you type in a vehicle registration the dropdown will search you existing vehicles to see if we already have data on this vehicle or not. If you don’t have that vehicle in your database (with tyre size information via VRM) then a red option will appear as below.


If you click on this, a new VRM lookup will be done to fetch all the relevant information about this vehicle. Once we have a valid vehicle (either from your vehicle database or as the result of a successful VRM lookup) a popup will appear with the available tyre sizes for the vehicle. Selection which front and rear tyre sizes you wish to search and click save.


This will update the search results to reflect your selected tyre sizes. By default, you will be shown results for both the front and rear size that you selected, but by using the newly populated dropdown (shown below) you can specify which tyre in particular you’re looking for.


If you wish to search for another vehicle, simply click ‘Clear Vehicle’.

Grid search filters.

All of the columns at the top of the tyres grid will allow you to reorganise the results in a way that suits you. Simply click the column header to order by that property. In the case of Summer, Winter, Extra Load, SUV, Van & Runflat there is a tick box – by checking it, you will only show results that have that property. Wet grip, fuel efficiency, bars & Speed have dropdowns that contain all of the available results, so you can drill-down quickly to the result you’re looking for.