Technician tracking

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VGM can track your technician’s hours working on a Jobsheet. To start tracking Technicians, click the “Config” button on the top toolbar and then click on the “Settings” button to open the settings menu.

Then, in the “Other” section, tick the check box labelled “Enable Technician Tracking” and then click the “Save” button at the bottom to enable Technician Tracking.

Then, click on the “Jobsheets” button on the top toolbar to open the “Jobsheets” tab. A new column to display the tracking status of a Jobsheet will be visible. This will change depending on if a Technician is tracking against the Jobsheet at any time.

Before tracking a Technician, we must firstly configure the Jobsheet’s items to allocate an estimated amount of hours for the item to complete. This can be done for Bookings, Custom and Labour items. Just input the number of estimated hours this Jobsheet item will take to complete and then save.

To begin tracking a Technician against a Job sheet, click on the “Technician Tracking” tab. This screen will display all the jobsheet items on this Jobsheet and automatically group them together in the “Unassigned” group. Each group represents a Technician and each secondary item represents a Jobsheet item that has been assigned to them.

Note: “Technician Tracking” and “Tracking Log” tabs and will only be visible to users with administrator privileges.

To assign a Technician to one or more Jobsheet items firstly, select the Jobsheet items you’d like to assign and then click the “Assign” button. This will open a window where you can select one or more Technicians to assign the selected Jobsheet items.

Tick the Technicians you’d like to assign and then click “Save and Close” and the grid will populate with the Technicians and underneath each Technician will be the assigned Jobsheet items for each.

To unassign any Jobsheet items from a Technician, select any of the Jobsheet items from the Technician you want to remove them from and click the “Unassign” button on the toolbar. As long as a Technician hasn’t tracked time against this Jobsheet, the Jobsheet items will be removed from the Technician.

Once you’ve allocated a Jobsheet item to a Technician, to begin tracking the Technician against the Jobsheet, click the “Clock In” button on the Technician grid row.

This will open a new window which will give you a summary of which Technician you’ve selected, the action (Clock On/Clock Off) and allow you to select the time that this action took place which defaults to the current time. Once you’ve changed the time to a preferred time, click save and close. This will update the grid to show the selected Technician is now “TRACKING”.

The efficiency rating and hours worked will update as the Technician completes the work until the next time the Technician clocks off the Jobsheet. The grid will update automatically every 30 seconds to reflect any changes that may have happened in that time to make sure all information is as up to date as possible.

Once the Technician has completed their work, clicking the “Clock Out” button on the Technician will open the window once again will allow you to modify the time of the action. Once you’re happy with the Clock out time, click “Save and Close” again and the grid will update once again and set the Technician status to “NOT TRACKING”.

Efficiency rating will change colour depending on how much time the Technician spent out of the amount of hours allocated to them. If they’re above 105%, the rating will be green, if the rating is in between 95% and 105% the rating will be orange and below 95% will be red.

To view the tracking log of this Job sheet, click the “Tracking Log” tab and a new grid view will appear to show which Technicians Clocked in or out a Jobsheet and the times of each action.

To adjust the time of the action, select a grid row and click the “Adjust Time” button to open the Clock On/Clock Off window where you can change the time of the action. Once you’ve corrected the time, click “Save and Close” and the change will be reflected on the Tracking Log grid.