Add a part to a new purchase return

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To return a part, you first need to mark the desired part for return. To do this, open the parts tab and search for the part you wish to return. Right-click on the part and click on “Mark for Return”.

Select the part supplier, return quantity, cost price and return reason, and then click “Save and Close” to mark the part for return.

To add the part to a purchase return document, click on the “Financial” button in the top menu, and then on the “Purchase Returns” option in the dropdown menu. Click on the “New” button in the top menu to create a new purchase return, and fill out the Return Number, Return Date, Supplier and Notes.

The grid in the lower half of the window will display all outstanding parts marked for return for your selected supplier. To add one of these marked parts to this return document, tick the checkbox to the left of that part’s grid row. Click on “Save and Close” in the bottom-right to create the new Purchase Return, and add the selected parts to it.