Merge suppliers

Table of Contents

If you have multiple records of the same supplier you are able to merge these into a single record.

To do this you will need to navigate to “Financial” and then “Suppliers”. From here you can select the “Duplicates” option which will open up a window displaying all the duplicate records you have for suppliers.

In this example the supplier “SUPPLIER X” has two records that need merging. To merge the records click on the suppliers line to highlight it and select the “Merge” option.

This will display a list of all the records for that supplier with a summary of the information held against them. Tick the boxes next to the records you wish to merge and select merge suppliers.

From here you can select the most up to date supplier information from the drop down lists. The information in the drop down lists comes from your previously input data. Select “Save” to continue.

You will be presented with a warning advising you that the process cannot be reversed, to proceed select continue.

The final step allows you to manually enter information if required. Once you are happy that the supplier information is up to date select “Save” to complete the process.