Setting up your tyre markup (web pricing)

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As well as configuring tyre markup locally, you can also configure different markup rules for tyres that you sell online.

Configuring the markup for tyres that you specifically online is done in exactly the same way as configuring markup for your local tyres, with one minor difference.

Whenever you create a new price brand within the ‘Category’, ‘Cost’ and ‘Rim Size’ tab’s the only thing that you need to do is select ‘Web’ in the markup type dropdown. This rule will then only apply to tyres that you sell through your website. You can also change your base configuration for the tyres you sell via your website. To access these options, head to ‘Config > Tyres’ and click on the ‘General’ tab. Here you’ll see 2 areas, one for local (which we looked at in our Setting up your tyre markup (local) guide) and another one for web pricing. This is configured the same way and allows you to have different types of markup for both local tyres and the tyres on your website.