Sales Document Grid Overview

Table of Contents


This article will go over the basic functionality available from the sales document grid.

Accessing documents

You can access the sales documents grid by navigating to Financial > Sales Documents. You’ll have access to different views from this screen, available across the top tabs; Invoices, credits, quotations and all (a combination view of invoices, credits and quotations).

When accessing each tab, you’ll have an overview of those types of documents, including the value, if they’ve been printed or emailed to a customer, if the document has been posted. For quotes, if the quote has been converted into a jobsheet or sales invoice.


In the top right, there are some additional filters so you can find the documents you’re looking for, including:

  • Communication status
  • Conversion status
  • Posted / not posted

Top toolbar

From the top toolbar, you have several options available.

  • New: Create a new sales document.
  • Edit: Edit the selected sales document. 
  • Delete: Delete the selected sales document. 
  • Print: Print the selected sales document.
  • Email: Email the selected sales document.
  • Post: Post a selected invoice or credit.