Taking online bookings for quotable work

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As part of our December 2021 release, we have introduced a new concept – POA slots (price on application). Bookable through our embeddable booking system, POA slots are for when you want to allow customers to make a booking request for services you’ll need to provide a price. 

Previously with our booking system, every service needed a definitive price now; if you wanted to take a more flexible approach to bookings for things like diagnostics, repairs or manufacturers specific services, you can.

POA slots in the online booking system

Creating a POA slot

Creating a new POA slot is incredibly simple and uses the existing slot types and slot type group structure. In this example, we’ll create a POA slot so customers can make a booking requesting repair work.

  1. Navigate to Config > Slots > Slot Types in the top menu.
  2. Click New in the top toolbar to create a new slot type.
  3. The new slot type window will open. Give the slot type a name a description. In this example, we’ll use:
    1. Short Description: Repairs
    2. Long Description: Submit a repair quote, and we will give you a call ASAP to get you booked in.
  4. Ensure that type is set to POA.
  5. Add the slot type to a slot type group in web > slot type groups.
  6. Click Save.
Slot type window

Your POA slot is now created, but additional options become available if you edit the POA slot type. So double click the slot type and edit the following:

  1. Prices > Price Overwrite: As the POA slots don’t display a price, you can add a small snippet of text here, for example, “Get a quote”.
  2. Web > Price Modifiers > Price Suffix: Think of this as an optional small print that appears below the price overwrite.
Example of a slot with a price overwrite and price suffix

Your POA slot is now ready to be booked online.

Managing POA booking requests

Once the POA slots are live, customers using your booking system will be able to add these to their basket and complete their booking.

Note: This feature is exclusive to our latest booking system, which looks like the image below. If you have an older booking system of ours, we can get you switched across, free of charge.

Once a customer adds the POA slot to their booking, they will be able to enter their details and vehicle details, and at the last step, they will be able to select a preferred date and time. This is different from other slots, which can be booked into specific dates and times. The reasoning for this is that you will need to communicate the final price to the customer before confirming the booking, at which point you can get them booked at a specific date and time.

After the booking request has been created, they will appear in a few places within VGM. 

First, they will appear as a booking request if you navigate to Search > Online Booking Requests.

Online Booking Requests grid

Secondly, they will appear as a Shopping Basket if you navigate to Financial > Shopping Baskets. Item’s with a red exclamation mark need further communication to confirm the final price.

Shopping Baskets Grid

Shopping baskets will also appear in the event grid on the side of VGM.

You’ll also receive a booking request confirmation (as will the customer).

At this point, it’s up to you how you deal with the request. The booking request has a status that can be updated. Using the status, you can track which customers have been contacted and which customers have now been booked in.