Automatic Purchase Order Number Creation

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Our system now includes a feature that automatically generates numbers for purchase orders, making your financial documentation process smoother and more consistent. This is similar to the existing feature for purchase invoices and credits.

How to Enable Automatic Numbering

To set up automatic purchase order numbering:

  1. Go to Financial > Financial Settings and click on the General tab (i).
  2. Look for a checkbox labeled ‘Generate Purchase Document Numbers’ and make sure it’s checked.
  3. Don’t forget to click Save to apply the changes.

Important: If you’ve previously enabled automatic numbering for purchase invoices and credits, purchase order numbers will also start to be generated automatically with this update.

Creating Purchase Orders

  • When you create a new purchase order (ii), a unique number will be automatically assigned to it. This number will be visible in the list of purchase orders (iii).

Please Note: Purchase orders made before enabling this feature or before updating to the latest version of the software will display a number of 0 in the list. However, the Order Ref column will display any manually entered numbers from before.

You can still manually enter a reference number alongside the system-generated order number.

Current Limitations

  • The Print function does not display the newly generated purchase order number yet, only the previous manual order references.