Searching for a vehicle’s technical data

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Quickly search for any vehicle and get access to a wealth of information related to that vehicle.

When you’re moving vehicles in and out of your garage quickly, the last thing that you want to be doing is digging through old Haynes manuals or using non manufacturer specific service schedules.

Below I’ll show you how you can quickly search for any vehicle and get access to some of the most comprehensive technical data available.

Search for your first vehicle.

You can access technical data in two ways within VGM, through the Search menu or from a Jobsheet (see Job times, technical data and jobsheets for further information), but for now we’ll access it by clicking the ‘Search’ menu, then ‘Technical Data’. This will give you access to the main technical data screen. Once here, to look up a vehicle do the following:

Enter the VRM into the registration box in the top left and click search.

So long as you have technical data credits, VGM will make a lookup against the VRM and populate the drop-down menu next to ‘Subjects’ with all the available categories of data.

Note: If for some reason we can’t return any data regarding the vehicle (if the registration doesn’t exist for example) then no credit is used.

Now that a credit has been used, you have about 24 hours to access all of this information without using an additional credit.

Select which subject you wish to look at, and this will populate the left hand area. From here you can start selecting different items until you find the information you require.

Note: Some items have a + next to them. Clicking the + will show an additional level of categories.

You are now free to look through all the data that you may need. There are handy print buttons next to individual images so you can make a hard copy to take into the workshop.