TyreShop quick-start guide

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Follow this guide to get a brief guided tour of Virtual Garage Manager’s TyreShop functionality.


TyreShop is a subset of functionality located within 2 of our products;

  • Virtual Garage Manager allows you to manage local tyre stock, consolidate stock, check-in stock (manually or with a barcode scanner) and if you’re a GroupTyre member, you can also search for and order tyres directly.
  • Motasite allows your customers to order tyres for their vehicle through your website. You can configure your own markup criteria so potential customers are offered a fully fitted price. You customers can then place a booking to get these tyres fitted and the tyres are automatically ordered from GroupTyre.

TyreShop – Virtual Garage Manager

In the Summer of 2016, Virtual Garage Manager’s parts interfaces were overhauled due to the introduction of a live tyre feed from GroupTyre. We’ve streamlined the parts data entry process and have made it even easier to go from purchase order, to purchase invoice as well as keeping track of your stock with as little data entry as possible.


Live tyre feed from GroupTyre

Working alongside GroupTyre, we have added the ability to order tyres from your local wholesaler. You’ll be able to search through all of the available stock and will be able to place an order which will be delivered directly to your depot.

How to see a live tyre feed if you’re not a GroupTyre member.
If you’re not yet a member of GroupTyre the best way to proceed is to give us a call and we can make the necessary introductions. There’s no exclusivity required, so you can still use other Tyre wholesalers, but in order to make tyre orders within VGM you’ll need a GroupTyre account.

How to see a live tyre feed if you are a GroupTyre member.
If you’re already a member of GroupTyre, simply get in touch with us and we’ll get access to your GroupTyre price file and will get everything set up for you.

Once we’ve got your GroupTyre data feed hooked up, there are several configuration options that you’ll have access to.

Setting up your tyre markup (local pricing).
Setting up your tyre markup (web pricing).

Local tyre stock

The local tyre stock window will allow you to quick search through your stock with a selection of filters. It’s from here that you can also add tyres to purchase orders.

Searching through your local tyre stock.
Create new tyres manually.
Editing existing tyres manually.
Deleting a tyre.
Printing a tyre label.
Favouriting a tyre.

Purchase orders

You can create purchase orders in a number of ways within VGM, depending on whether or not you’re ordering tyres online from GroupTyre, or raising purchases orders to be sent manually to other suppliers.

Ordering stock – Creating a purchase order and sending an order to GroupTyre.
Ordering stock – Creating a purchase order manually.
Deleting purchase orders.
Finding purchase orders.
Editing purchase orders.
Viewing relationships between purchase orders & purchase invoices.

Purchase invoices

Once you’ve received your parts / tyres, you’ll want to create a purchase invoice and to consolidate that stock. VGM will help you do this automatically so that everything can be synced nicely together.

Creating a new purchase invoice.
Receiving stock – Creating a new purchase invoice from an existing purchase order.
Searching existing purchase invoices.
Deleting purchase invoices.
Posting purchase invoices.
Adding items to a purchase invoice.

Purchase credits

Occasionally, you’ll have to send parts and tyres back to the supplier and you’ll need to raise purchase credits in order to balance the books and to keep your stock up to date.

Creating a purchase credit.
Searching through purchase credits.
Adding items to a purchase credit.

Tyre history

The history tab allows you to see the full history for a selected part or tyre.

Viewing the history of a tyre or part.

Tyre reporting

There are several reports that you can run in order to keep on top of your stock and accounts. The following reports are currently available.

Running a stock report on tyres.

TyreShop – Motasite

If you’re a VGM customer with a GroupTyre account, then we can build a special website for you to sell tyres online (alongside MOTs, Servicing etc…). To save the sales pitch, if this interests you then visit our motasite page. If you have VGM, Motasite and GroupTyre account, then the following articles will be helpful so that you can configure your online pricing.

Setting up your tyre markup (web pricing).