Making a stock adjustment

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VGM allows you to create stock lists to organise, manage and adjust your stock levels.

To start making adjustments to our stock levels we will first create a new Stock Adjustment Group. To do this we will click the Parts/Tyres tab and select Stock Adjustments.

For this example we will be creating a group to encompass all of our stock, we will name it ‘Full Stock’. Select ‘New’ and fill in the Reference and Description fields and select ‘Save’, the Stock Adjustment group will now appear in the top half of the Stock Adjustments view.

You may wish to have different Stock Adjustment groups dedicated to certain types of stock.

Once we have selected our Full Stock group we will be able to start adding adjustments in the bottom half of the screen. Select ‘New’ and then ‘Part Adjustment’. This will open up the entire list of parts, using the search bar or scrolling down the list we can find the part that needs adjusting and modify the stock level.

Having found the part we wish to adjust, highlight it by clicking on it and using the bottom options select whether to ‘Add’ or ‘Subtract’, by what ‘Quantity’ and select ‘Save’. The parts stock level will now be adjusted accordingly, this will be visible in the ‘Parts List’ and the ‘Stock Adjustment’ group that was just created. You are then free to continue adjusting stock levels or close the window.