Getting a vehicle’s service schedule

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Generating service checklists for any vehicle is super simple, and allows you to create custom checklists for any vehicle.

When a customer drops in their vehicle for an annual service, you can quickly generate a service schedule tailored to their vehicle and the vehicle’s mileage. You’ll be given a printable checklist that includes all the mandatory checklist items, and you’ll also be able to add optional items by simple checking the relevant check-boxes. Each item has a time associated with it, so you can quickly get an idea for how long each job will take, and how much you should charge the customer.

To find the available service checklists, simple follow these simple steps.

Finding a service schedule for a vehicle.

To start, access the technical data section of VGM, click ‘Search’ in the top toolbar, then select ‘Technical Data’. This will give you access to the main technical data screen. Once here, to look up a vehicle do the following.

Enter the vehicle registration into the registration box in the top left and click search.

Please note: If for some reason we can’t return any data regarding the vehicle (if the registration doesn’t exist for example) then no credit is used.

From here, the ‘Subjects’ drop-down menu is populated with all the normal subjects, but in order to get access to the service schedules we need to select the bottom item ‘Service Checklists’.

Selecting ‘Service Checklists’ will open up the tree-view on the left hand side with the various Service types available, ie. annual service or bi-annual service. Selecting which service you are going to perform will give you further options depending on the mileage.

If you select a checklist, this will present to you an itemised list of tasks, grouped in 2 ways.

1.Mandatory items.

These items should always be performed for this kind of service.

2.Optional items.

There are also optional items that can be added. To add them, simply click the checkbox next to them. By checking the service item the amount of time required to perform the service will be updated at the bottom of the page.

Once you have selected which items you want to add to the service, you can click the print button at the bottom so that you have a hard-copy that can be given to the technicians on the workshop floor.